Here you will find a comprehensive list of the perks that Virgin Atlantic travellers may take advantage of when booking their trip online. The following is a list of the benefits of Virgin Atlantic Managing Bookings:

  • Passengers on Virgin Atlantic can see booking data and update passenger information if it was entered incorrectly during the first booking.
  • Passengers on Virgin Atlantic flights can check in online using the manage booking section.
  • Passengers on Virgin Atlantic can use Manage Booking to modify their flight date, time, or itinerary.
  • Passengers can also use the online Manage booking function to cancel a flight in an emergency.
  • Additional Virgin Atlantic passengers can use the online manage booking function to add extra services. Special dinners, additional baggage, and other extra services are examples of these extra services.

This is how Virgin Atlantic guests can control their flights and make the adjustments they want. For additional information, contact Virgin Atlantic's customer service department.

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